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Rice Protein Concentrates

Rice Protein Concentrates are a ready source of easy-to-digest protein and is good for anyone needing a nutritious but low-calorie intake. These are an excellent bearer of vegan, hypoallergenic, whole grain protein with a wide application base in the nutraceutical, functional food and drinks industries. So, if you're hungry and there’s no time to gorge in a full-course meal, a glass of protein drink or other meal replacements consisting of organic Rice Protein Concentrates is the best way to keep yourself energized for a long period.

As the name suggests, protein extracted from rice is the primary ingredient of these Rice Protein Concentrates. Researches have concluded long back that rice is a possessor of complex carbohydrates, which remain stored in the muscles after intake and get released in the form of energy when needed. This leads to the fact that when an important constituent like protein is derived from rice it is easily regarded as the highest quality of protein in the world, as in case of Rice Protein Concentrates. In fact rice protein contain all the necessary amino acids, and also the essential components like thiamin, iron, phosphorus and potassium, which are needed for the growth of the human body and toning of the muscles. Rice protein is also highly digestible and low in ash, which makes it ideal for controlling ash content in cat and dog foods too.

Rice Protein Concentrates are primarily a by-product of the rice syrup industry where natural enzymatic process transforms the complex carbohydrates of rice into a simple sugar. What’s left over is recognised as organic rice protein, which is filtered and dried at low temperatures. The resulting powder is referred to as Rice Protein Concentrates of which organic rice protein is the main constituent. Rice Protein Concentrates are available in three common volumes in the market; MF 500 = 100% through 325 mesh, MF 100 = 50% through 325 mesh and MF 200 = 90% through 40 mesh. These are typically bland-flavored powdered rice that has become a must ingredient for baby food nowadays because of its easy digestibility, allergen-free quality and low ash content. Moreover, Rice Protein Concentrates have also emerged as the most dependable ingredient for pet health too and are used in different pet foods, aquatic feeds and piglet feeds due to high existence of organic rice protein. Thus solidified forms of rice proteins or simply Rice Protein Concentrates are well-accepted foodstuffs for both human and animals.

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