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Rice Protein Concentrate

Rice Protein Concentrate is today one of the most prominent members among the wide variety of meal supplement ingredients extracted from plant and dairy products. Of late, their popularity has ballooned due to their use in dietary regimes and the rise in low-carb reformulation. Rice Protein Concentrate is the best solution for diabetics, vegetarians and diet-conscious peoples who want to get adequate protein without having to gobble down something that are not produced by organic methods.

Rice Protein Concentrate also contains the complex carbohydrate structure embedded in rice as a grain, which helps in to sustain the energy level long after your last meal. For this reason, rice is the staple diet of more than half of the world's human population and is cultivated nearly in all parts of the earth. On the other hand, protein is one of the most important components required for a healthy life cycle and its consumption keeps your muscles growing at full capacity. Proteins are generally derived from various plant and animal products but perhaps nothing can match the nutritional benefits of rice protein, the main ingredient of Rice Protein Concentrate. Rice protein also has an excellent amino acid profile, very close to that found in mother’s milk. Moreover, this kind of protein possesses the essential nutrients like thiamin, iron, phosphorus and potassium too. Added to all these advantages, if the protein from rice is extracted in an organic method, without any artificial process, it becomes an icing on the cake for the qualities of Rice Protein Concentrate.    

In fact, Rice Protein Concentrate is the simpler way of getting organic rice protein. It is basically the concentrated protein fraction of the rice grain and is produced from the rice milling process. It relates to the manufacturing of the rice syrup where natural enzymatic process transforms the complex carbohydrates of rice into a simple sugar. The left over of this process is recognised as organic rice protein, which is filtered and dried at low temperatures. The resulting powder is referred to as Rice Protein Concentrate. At present, there are three typical sizes of Rice Protein Concentrate available in the market; MF 500 = 100% through 325 mesh, MF 100 = 50% through 325 mesh and MF 200 = 90% through 40 mesh. A contemporary study on Rice Protein Concentrate unfolds the fact that Rice Protein Concentrate is one of the most non-allergenic alternatives to soy and whey and a popular meal supplement for both human and animals. 

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